Ben Bolt Race Day

Ben Bolt Race Day

The 10th August, 2019 will see five local country thoroughbred races at the Bowen Racecourse with Bowen Turf Club.  There will also be some novelty events, including: hobby horse races, tomato carting comp and melon races.  Rose Bay Resort loves getting dress-up and enjoys the social atmosphere of a Race Day in Bowen.

Here are some FUN FACTS about Bowen Turf Club:

Do you know what year was the first recorded race?  1846

When did the club become official? 1863

What was the main entertainment in Bowen and surrounds prior to television?  The Races

Approximately how many races are there most years in Bowen? 4 to 5

If you are thinking of creating a weekend away, why not make it a Race Day Weekend.  You can always find the current races through the Bowen Turf Club Facebook page.  You can also find a new outfit locally at Coral’s City2Country Fashion Facebook page.  Rose Bay Resort accommodation is normally limited during the winter months, due to popularity of the warmer weather compared to southern areas.  However, if you are seeking absolutely beachfront which is absolutely stunning, then by all means give us a call, or contact us through the website or on Facebook, we may have something just for you.