Create your “Weekend Beach Getaway” checklist | Rose Bay Resort

Create your “Weekend Beach Getaway” checklist

Create your “Weekend Beach Getaway” checklist

After booking with Rose Bay Resort; and before leaving home, make a checklist!

However, if you like to travel light, you can always get your supplies in town, prior to your stay.  There are some great places in Bowen that you can grab your food and wine.  You can either buy direct from the local grocery stores, or if you can wait to the Sunday Markets you can get some great local produce.  If you are after seafood, you can always go down to the mariner and get it fresh off the boat.  Then come back to Rose Bay Resort and enjoy your balcony or patio view with your favourite food and wine.

If you are after an interesting book, you can always buy a book direct from the author, sharonmcl – “Wounded to Wow – a path to oneness”.  Otherwise you can get your magazines or newspapers from the local newsagents.

Bring your personal toiletries, hat, and don’t forget your beach wear.  If you feel like company, remember your partner, and maybe the kids, depending on what is on your checklist for your ideal weekend beach getaway at Rose Bay Resort.