Fun Easter Facts | Rose Bay Resort

Fun Easter Facts

Fun Easter Facts

Did you know that date of Easter moves according to “the first Sunday after the first Full Moon occurring after March 21?”  That’s why Easter can be in March or April.

If you are wondering when the Easter bunny “normally” arrives, keep your eyes open Easter eve or after midnight Sunday morning.

Did you know that Easter is the second largest consumption of chocolate and lollies?

Did you know, most people will eat the ears of a chocolate bunny first?

I can’t believe that hot cross buns were traditionally eaten only on Good Friday.  These days grocery stores and bakeries have these spicy buns available a month before.

Easter weekends at Rose Bay Resort get fully booked out by family groups, months in advance, because of the resorts absolute beachfront, which is absolutely stunning.  If you haven’t booked you should ring direct +61 7 47869000, just in case there is a change in plan availability.  Facebook is the other way to check any change of plan availability.  The blue sea, the green grass is here for you, just bring your chocolate Easter eggs and hot cross buns.

2019 Rose Bay Beach will have new covered table areas, courtesy of Whitsunday Shire Council beautification process.

Happy Easter 🐣