The Walks in Bowen | Rose Bay Resort

The Walks in Bowen

The Walks in Bowen

(More information can be found in the Tourist Planner)
From closest to Rose Bay Resort to farthest.  (Km doesn’t include travel to get to the start point – km from the tourist guide)

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Cape Edgecumbe Walking Trail 4 (2.5km one way)
Begin at Rose Bay walking track, up to Mother Beddock, and then down into Murray Bay, across the sands and up the created stair path, then down into Horseshoe.  Add the war memorial and the lookout for a little extra 100m hike, closer to the Horseshoe Bay side.

Hansen Park to Horseshoe Bay Walk (2.6km)
This walk follows Queens Bay around to Horseshoe Bay. It’s a wider paved track.

Kings Beach Walk (1.8km)
This is classed as the dog walking beach.  Accessible from the car park down from Rose Bay, or from the opposite end of Kings Beach at the base of Flagstaff Hill.

Queens Bay Beach Walk (1.6km) Follows Queens Beach starting at the DonThis is a shared bike and walking pathway.  (Soon to extend from Queens Beach to the PCYC via the TAFE)

Front Beach & Jetty (few hundred metres)
This is a gentle stroll, however not suitable if southerly breeze)

Muller’s Lagoon to Queens Bay 3 (3.8km)
A scenic walk around the lagoon, as well as along Soldiers Road thwill to Queens bay beaches. Or just stay at the Lagoon that is encased in 24 hectares of parkland.

Front Beach to Sporting 5 Complex walk (4.6km)
A longer walk or can be shared by bikes.

Park Run

Bowen parkrun is a free weekly 5km timed event for both walkers and runners.  register for free go to